Every respectful casino has its own mobile version that allows payers to enjoy everything that the original website offers. It enables players to play their favorite game on the move and from places where their PC cannot be reached. Even at home, mobile live casino games can be played on a smart TV, arranging an improvised casino at home. Live casino and the live dealer is very important because it grants the chance of experiencing the real casino environment. This is regarded as a crucial tool to attract new players and keep the existing ones.

Mobile live casino games in Canada

Liberal gambling legislation in Canada allowed mobile live casino for iOS and Android devices to be evolved earlier than in other places. It has become possible due to the development of new technologies that scan the cards on the dealer’s table and project the information into the software. The information is immediately seen by the player, so the gameplay online runs in exactly the same way as in a land-based casino. The scenery is also captivating as gambling resources spare no expense to make the decoration as realistic as possible. The mobile live casino offers the following games:

  1. Live roulette;
  2. Live blackjack varieties;
  3. Live poker games of any type;
  4. Live craps;
  5. Live baccarat;
  6. Live bingo;
  7. Live lotteries.

When certain game varieties are taken into account, it can be definitely said that mobile live dealer casino offers dozens of different games to play. Whenever a casino in Canada tries to provide live mobile casino services, it depends on its strategic planning and on decisions that are made by the marketing department to decide what mobile casino games to offer to its players. Usually, it is based on the statistics of most frequently played games as well as it is subject to regular revisions.

Live dealer casino applications that are made for mobile phones

When a mobile live casino that is made either for Android or iOS is considered, it is vital to take into account the fact that it has to be compatible with the version of your operating system. Technical criteria are very important as every app has to be run perfectly and no bags will be accepted. Additionally, every app has its own bonuses and promotions, so players are advised to check it in advance to get the most out of the chosen application. The list below can help get the right ones:

  • BetFair native live dealer application;
  • Lea Vegas native live dealer application;
  • Royal panda live dealer mobile application;
  • William Hill native live dealer application;
  • Green native live dealer application.

All mobile live casino applications that are mentioned in the above list offer generous bonuses, so codes for bonuses are recommended, alternatively matching bonuses can be obtained anyway.

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