Online casinos are getting closer to real ones. The ubiquity of broadband Internet and stable communications has made possible the emergence of a live casino, in which the client does not play with a random number generator, but with a live dealer. The introduction of blocks of games with live dealers in online casinos has become a widespread practice, and many roulette fans prefer to play them. Today we will analyze what are the advantages of live roulette over virtual, what types of it are presented in the casino, and which of them is better to play. You can learn more about the ways to beat the dealer on the next page:

Types of live roulette

  • The first option is roulette with a live dealer. Everything is like in a real casino: a charming girl accepts bets and makes spins. Players have the opportunity to communicate with the dealer via chat, but the dealer will answer by voice, because the girl’s hands are busy. By the way, this way players can make sure that the game is in real time, and not a recording.
  • The second option is the Pneumatic Roulette (Auto Roullete). The ball in such a roulette wheel is launched not by the dealer’s hand, but with the help of compressed air. The game is automatic and the roulette wheel spins around the clock. Just like in roulette with a live dealer, players have access to all the statistics of previous spins, the analysis of which allows experienced players to make more successful bets.
  • As a rule, the live block features European and French roulettes. European roulette is a classic roulette with one zero sector, French roulette is distinguished by the “LaPartage” rule: if, when playing for equal chances, zero falls out, the player loses only half of the bet.
  • Live roulette can be multiplayer or private, designed for one player.

Live roulette: almost real …

The main advantage of live roulette is the absence of a random number generator. Many players doubt the honesty of the RNG, and, as practice shows, the widely advertised MD5 honesty control is , to put it mildly, unreliable. Live roulette eliminates the possibility of the casino playing against the player’s bets, and fortune obeys only the laws of physics. You can follow the movement of a live ball with your own eyes, and not watch a computer cartoon simulating the rotation of a roulette wheel.

Many online casino customers who are nostalgic for playing in real establishments can find solace in the live block. The atmosphere is almost the same as in a land-based casino, many operators even provide the opportunity to chat on the table. Real roulette with a live dealer at your home at any time!

…but better!
To play roulette against a live dealer, you do not need to fly, drive or walk anywhere, you just need to open a live block of an online casino on your computer or mobile device. But the advantages of live roulette in front of a land-based gambling house are not limited to this. We will tell you about the most important ones:

  • There is always a place for you at the gaming table. Unlike real casinos, where you often have to wait for a seat at the table with the betting limits you need, live roulette is always ready to play with you.
  • The player can customize the interface of the gaming table for himself, which is very convenient. You can select the language, sound volume, picture quality. The undoubted advantage is the ability to change the viewing angle of the video camera at the player’s choice. If you wish, you can focus both on the roulette wheel and observe the whole table. If you liked a girl dealer – turn the camera and admire as much as you like.
  • Many players value the privacy of the game. Not everyone likes to brag about their winnings, and no one likes to witness a loss. Live Roulette provides an opportunity to play completely anonymous.
  • Live roulette there is only one drawback: the time to think about rate limited.


  • Playing against the dealerThe maximum bet limits when playing pneumatic roulette are quite high: 20 thousand euros, while playing with a live dealer – 75 thousand euros.
  • The minimum bet is € 1, except for French roulette with the LaPartage rule – € 2.
  • Live Roulette from does not yet provide an opportunity to place bets in demo mode, that is, you can open any roulette table and watch the game before placing a bet, but you cannot play for “free” money.
  • If you are going to play only roulette, it makes no sense to take bonuses, because 1-10% of the roulette bet amount goes into the bonus offset.

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